October 7, 2009

Sausalito Photo Shoot – Jamie & Soheil

This photo shoot was so fabulous, that I can’t fit it into one blog post! Since we had 3 wardrobe changes, these posts are going to be rolling out in 3 waves plus an extra post dedicated just to the beautiful Jamie.

Jamie and Soheil were amazing to shoot and such a hot couple! From looking at her, you’d think Jamie was a model or a doppelganger for Kate Beckinsale, but she’s actually a fashion saavy pre-school teacher from San Jose.

Enjoy the photos!

12 thoughts on “Sausalito Photo Shoot – Jamie & Soheil

  1. Jessica

    Oh my god, the shop photos are amazing, the colors just pop out. She’s soooo beautiful too!

  2. Anonymous

    These Pictures are showing relationships, people interacting, people having fun, not just people staring in the camera. I am very impressed.

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