December 19, 2012

Italy Trip // Florence & Pisa

Whenever I travel around the United States, it’s always fun and I enjoy myself. But it’s never really anything beyond a vacation. But when I visited Paris earlier this year and then even moreso after I visited Florence and Lucca, I felt like… Yes. I could live here. I can completely and fully visualize myself walking down these streets everyday, building a life in these beautiful historic towns.

Florence especially was a marvel. A bizarre and wonderful mix of old and new. It’s in a place like Florence where artisans still exist, the food is extraordinary and the people are so friendly. Just looking out your hotel window it felt like you could feel the pulse of the city. Can you imagine being able to look out on a city this beautiful every single day?

The art, the culture, the beauty at every turn. I loved Florence.

There’s only one shot of Pisa in this set of photos but it’s one of my favorite photos from the whole trip. It’s such a touristy thing but we decided to check out the leaning tower and I was amazed to find that it’s seriously delightful to see in person. It just makes you giddy to do the whole, “holding up the tower with your hand” bit.

One more post to come…

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