February 16, 2012

Healdsburg Country Garden Wedding // JR & Lauren

Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, at the beautiful Healdsburg Country Gardens.

This wedding was so special to me. It took place several months ago, and since then I’ve held the wedding close. Tucking it away in a corner of my heart and reflecting on it often. I am so thankful to Kate Harrison for allowing me to come and be her second shooter for the day, because it was truly a privilege to witness this wedding.

JR & Lauren blew me away with their stunning intelligence, their eloquence, their unabashed dedication and affection toward each other and to their family. They are just truly excellent human beings. There was so much honesty and authenticity to their wedding day, and I’m not overstating things when I say that their wedding made me want to be a better person. It’s funny the way lives can cross paths. How lucky am I to have been able to very briefly meet such extraordinary people on such an extraordinary day.

4 thoughts on “Healdsburg Country Garden Wedding // JR & Lauren

  1. Megan

    A friend’s wedding in 2009 featured tables that were themed after specific books that were special to the bride and groom. I was at the Bear v. Shark table. Such a great idea, and this wedding is astoundingly beautiful. Great work as always!

  2. Charles Haines

    Lovely images! I’m so jealous we don’t have more outdoor weddings in the UK but as a Yorkshire wedding photographer we spend more time dodging rain than being outside

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