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December 14, 2009

Chrstimas crafting

I’m one of those A-for-effort type crafters. The kind of person who adores crafts, but usually devotes hours to completely covering the dining room table with bits of paper, glitter, glue, and metal wires only to end up with a deformed looking Christmas wreath or a sticky mess of a greeting card.

But sometimes, sometimes I end up getting it right. The mess is still there, but at least the end results are pretty!

So I’ll share with you all a quick and easy Christmas ornament project I undertook on a whim. I bought some clear glass ornaments (50% off right now at Michaels), some dried stardust gypsophila and baby’s breath (fake) flowers, and a bit of string to tie it all together. Take one ball, stuff it full of the flowers, and voila, perfectly wintery homemade ornaments. Simple and beautiful.

Christmas Craft

Christmas Craft

Christmas Craft

Happy Holidays!