March 23, 2012

Brett & Taylor // San Francisco Engagement Session

True fact: I’m a major homebody. As much as I enjoy going out and discovering new things/people/places and having adventures, I really REALLY love sitting at home with a good book. Or watching a marathon of TV shows (I just finished a Good Wife kick!). So a big benefit of being a photographer is that it really gets me out of the house. A lot of the fun, beautiful places I’ve discovered in San Fransisco, I’ve found through my clients.

I’d only visited North Beach one or two times before, and never gone to Coit Tower at all (I know, I’m a bad SF tourist!). So when Brett & Taylor wanted to do a shoot in this lovely area of the city, I was excited to roam the area. It’s such a unique little neighborhood.

Love this last one. Gorgeous light!

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