January 18, 2010

Abi & Ryan // Lifestyle Photography

When Abi from Abi Q Photography first contacted me about doing a photoswap, I was so excited because A) You’d be surprised how few opportunities I have to be on the OTHER side of the camera and B) Abi has an amazing sense of style and I knew that whatever concept she came up with for the shoot would be fabulous.

We wanted grey skies and green hills, a very stormy English countryside sort of vibe. Chic, editorial, and sexy. I’m in love with the photos we got from the shoot, Abi & Ryan were smokin’ hot and everything just came together perfectly! I’m so excited to share these with the world.


Abi & Ryan, you two are amaaazing! Thanks so much for a brilliant shoot!

19 thoughts on “Abi & Ryan // Lifestyle Photography

  1. Mitch Miller

    Hannah — These are really cute pictures. They look like an engagement session. But, I thought you said this was a swap … shouldn’t there be another couple of subjects? 😉

  2. Bob D

    Wow, these are some really romantic lifestyle portraits. The couple seems so in love. Good eye and post processing of these.

  3. amanda

    Wow, your black and whites are probably some of the best black and white conversions I’ve ever seen! You have gorgeous, gorgeous work here… can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog. If you don’t mind sharing, are you using actions to achieve your b&w’s? Awesome shoot!

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